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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Scott's Antique Market - Great Source of Decorative Signage

Nice themes - decorative signage from Scott's Antique Markets

This is the second weekend of the month and, therefore, Scott's Antique Market Weekend in Atlanta - link to site. I do try to go once a month and find both new and comfortably familiar things to look at - a vast array of items on display. As I tackle this huge market (dubbed the world's biggest flea market), I choose one or more themes on which I can focus and photograph - mostly for this blog but also to organize my wanderings. One of my primary focus areas on this trip was "signage" and particularly signage that could be used in decorating a home. I took dozens of photos and will highlight some here. 

I also googled: "Using Signage in Decorating" and found a few articles that were useful. This one from ehow.com some ways to use signs and why they might work in a particular setting.

Decorate your home with signs to create an unusual décor look. Antique reproduction and cottage chic signs make good conversation starters and focal points. Make group wall arrangements by using home decorating signs and vintage style accessories. Hang signs in nooks and crannies around your home. Decorating signs can set a specific ambiance and be used anywhere in your home.

 There were several articles that talked about using old product signage like this good size bread sign (don't remember this brand at all). I have often seen old Coca Cola signs used in homes - particularly since Atlanta is the home of Coca Cola and there is a lot of memorabilia around - new and old!
This sign was located in a "garden" section of the market with lots of old, rusty implements and garden equipment.  In the right space, this would be a very clever sign. 

I can see this in a boy's room with a great train motif.
And, of course, this would work well in a girl's room - even MINE!
This was a fun theme. Several articles discussed using wooden signage in a country themed setting but I think it is clear from these great signs that you could use them in any setting as long as you have a sense of humor!

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