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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Upholstered Furniture Styles - Slipper Chairs

Great set of slipper chairs at the end of this bed - one of the many places where slipper chairs work so well!  Source - my pinterest board will lead you there.
I love all types of upholstered furniture and am particularly fond of slipper chairs - I try to have at least several pairs (or singles) available for sale at any time. they are timeless and fit anywhere.

I thought I would do some quick research on slipper chairs and find some nice images - mine as well as those I have found and "parked" on my pinterest boards.

First the definitions - I particularly like this one which shows words which rhyme with slipper chair - in case you are using the term in poetry - now that is an idea  - merriam-webster:

Definition of SLIPPER CHAIR
: an armless upholstered chair with short legs 
First Known Use of SLIPPER CHAIR
I love this sweet set - particularly in this color - see source above.
Some of the definitions included more historical information:

The first slipper chair dates back to the Queen Ann era---the first half of the 18th century. The chair featured an upholstered seat and back and cabriolet legs, which are curved and typically feature a pad foot.

Innovations in chair making during the 19th century led to slipper chairs in a variety of Victorian styles, including Gothic Revival, Rococo, Renaissance Revival and Greco-Egyptian Revival.

Some demonstrations of slipper characteristics although these do not begin to show the variations possible - see source above
When I need to squeeze in extra seating in a room that is short on space, I turn to the classic slipper chair: an armless, upholstered chair with short legs so it sits lower to the ground. It is a space-saving chair because its total dimensions are smaller than an upholstered arm chair.

Historically the slipper chair was used in bedrooms to help ladies get dressed. The armless design offered plenty of room for those petticoats, inflated skirts, and corsets, so you could sit down to pull stockings and shoes on and off. While we typically no longer wear such extravagant pieces, we still love the slipper chair, only with a more modernized style.

The slipper chair makes a great accent chair. It can look sharp and tailored, detailed and traditional, or eclectic and fun. And they often are more affordable than armchairs. Let's take a look at how a slipper chair is a excellent seating option for a variety of situations in today's home.  How to Use Slipper Chairs in Home Decor.

Here are just some of the slipper chairs I have bought and refurbished recently. With the right fabric and styling, they really can work just about anywhere.  

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