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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Sustaining Power of Blue and White Porcelain

My blue and white sunroom - see ceramic planter to back and side.
It is hard to pick up a decorating magazine and not see some rooms featuring blue and white porcelain and not just in blue rooms - it is so ubiquitous that it may actually be treated as a neutral accent.

I have a lot of blue and white porcelain in my house although I do have a mostly blue and white decor.  It is, however, prevalent throughout my house including two open cabinets that house the "extras".  I have about 15 planters and at least that many vases throughout my home.
More example of blue and white ceramics in my home.
I conducted some (minimal) research about the history and sustaining popularity of blue and white porcelain - there are books and websites and magazine articles about the subject and they are easy to find.
Blue and white porcelain, also commonly known as blue and white china, is a form of pottery that features a white background over which a blue design has been applied. Its history can be traced back to 14th-century China, where it was crafted using hand painting and translucent glazing techniques. In the 17th century, blue and white porcelain became popular in Europe, and large-scale efforts were made to reproduce Chinese pieces.
The range of porcelain items which fit this description is very broad. Some of the most common forms of this type of pottery, however, are plates, bowls, cups, and vases. Common designs featured on blue and white porcelain pieces include floral motifs, mythical creatures such as dragons, scenes from stories, and Chinese characters.  source
I have been collecting blue and white porcelain for over 20 years.  I have found it very easy and reasonable to collect - it is hard not to see find blue and white porcelain pieces at many estate and garage sales.  I have also found that it is not necessary to spent a lot of money - most pieces are in the less than $10 range and unless you are a serious collector and know what you are buying, spending much more than that is not necessary although some of the higher-end estate sales may try to collect much more money for the same products. As always, it is buyer beware.

There are some bloggers whose posts that regularly feature blue and white porcelain and themes and gorgeous photography.  Two I have found are linked here - Chateaudelille and Verandah House.  Pinterest boards are often set up to celebrate the lovely pieces including my own pinterest board.  All of these images are from my pinterest board - link to my decorating - blues pinterest board.

Custom sink inspired by blue and white porcelain

Fabric and art inspired by blue and white porcelain

My corner cabinets in the dining room and two other open front cabinets also store my blue and white porcelain - source - my pinterest board - see above
This has been a fun and easy posting.  If you love it, it is easy to collect blue and white porcelain and it can be used in so many settings!


  1. WOW, I love your blog and decorating projects! <3
    I especially love the kitchen sink in white and blue! May I ask if you made it or if you know how it was done?
    I would be so grateful for an answer!
    Thank you from Ann-Helen in Sweden! <3

  2. I do not know the manufacturer of the sink - it is lovely. Thank you!