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Monday, January 28, 2013

Estate Sale Weekend

Weekend sales in January have been OK but not great for the most part.  I didn't even go out on my usual Friday morning run because there were dire weather reports in the Atlanta area - a lot of talk of icy rain and sleet that causes major accidents in the area. Southerners definitely do not know how to drive in this stuff. As it turned out, it was a nonevent - overcast and a little rain at best. I do think sales were probably cancelled as a result of the weather forecast.

My friend Ouida and I did go out for Saturday sales and found several - one of which was pretty spectacular. The sale was at a huge house in Buckhead - not far from the governor's mansion. Buckhead is THE in-town neighborhood that is the priciest and fanciest in the Atlanta area. We love Buckhead sales just for the opportunity to see some of these homes.

Here were some of the items at the sale that I considered buying.  The chaise was my overall favorite but the price of $1400 was at least 90% higher than I would have paid.  I did leave a bid on the French chair but didn't get it.
I didn't really need any of these items but loved the oversized deer - a very serene looking holiday centerpiece.
We did actually buy a few things at this sale. Ouida bought one of two spectacular white silk sofas and wished she had the space for both. She is redoing her living room and this is the first piece she has bought to start the process. It was a custom-made piece in perfect condition.

Ouida's sofa (one of two) 
I bought these two slipper chairs for $70 - a pretty good deal.
I've been carrying my new emerald green bag for most of the month just to prove to myself how versatile it is and loved finding an emerald green accent table.

I am definitely gearing up for early spring when sales start popping all over.  This, however, was not a bad day!

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  1. Estate sales are always fun to go to. It looks like there were great items for sale. You scored with the slipper chairs.