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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back in the Swing of Things - 2013 Estate Sale-ing!

This was the first weekend of 2013 and I was dying to get back out to do my normal long weekend (including Friday) garage and estate sale shopping. I was, of course, most interested in finding heirloom quality upholstered furniture in need (desperate need - preferably) of refurbishing - for a good price.  I checked various estate sale listings (craigslist, local papers, estate sale listings - link to local estate sales)  and found that there was not much going on this weekend. BUT, there were some intriguing sales listed so I dressed warmly and headed out.

On Friday, I stopped at two Buckhead (la-ti-dah section of the City of Atlanta) estate sales and they were different as night and day.  Here, in pictures, are the highlights of the

This sale was in a great part of the city and the long line (at 11:00) reinforced both the address and the scarcity of sales this weekend.  I recognized quite a few "regulars" including a long-known couple that I run into often at these sales.  Fortunately, the weather was warm(ish) and bright and sunny and the camaraderie was great.
While standing in fine and ogling the lovely gardens at this estate, I used the Hipstamatic Ap to take some "saturated" photos.  
My photos do not do the interior justice.  This was a wonderful house and very expansive. The prices for everything that I might be interested in were too high - with the exception of the slipper chair on the upper right. It was priced at $50 and if there had been a pair, I might have purchased these.
This second sale was down a LONG dirt driveway - an older property in a very high-end neighborhood. Many of the items were outside but there were quite a few interior pieces as well. Most things were in pretty bad shape and not that interesting. 
The prices on these were pretty good but nothing captured my interest. 
This sale did have some interesting "stuff" that someone might be able to use - just not me!
On Saturday, my friend Ouida joined me for more sales but I failed to get photos of the only one that had anything to offer.  I purchased a set of Charles Steward club chairs (great North Carolina manufacturer - no longer in business) for $30 each - I snatched them up and dropped them off immediately at my upholsterers shop.

We stopped by Dave Robinson Antiques on Miami Circle in Buckhead to pick up an interesting set of compact settees that I had purchase before Christmas but had not yet picked up.  Dave sold me a set of four French-style chairs as well as a wingback and Martha Washington chair before I got out with the settees.  Sometimes it just pays to go directly to the other "pickers".  All in all - a great day to be out!

I did manage to pick up great pieces at really low prices and can't wait to see how they look once redone.  The process of refurbishing nice furniture is truly magical.


  1. I live in south Ga. where there aren't many estate sales or not the wonderful stuff that interest me. I love the ones you attend and always enjoy coming along. Many thanks!

    1. It is nice to live in such a diverse metropolitan area - you may want to consider some weekend excursions.