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Monday, November 19, 2012

Rug Shopping at the Frontgate Outlet Center Near My Home!

Some of you may recall my difficulties in finding area rugs in the greater Atlanta marketplace - searched for while we were furnishing our newly renovated terrace level (aka basement) - discussed here. I ended up buying a great rug at Home Goods but visited three of their stores at least 3-5 times to find the right one. Here is a story about finding a great rug without even looking for it - and one I had been off and on trying to find for over five years!

My Wydeven Designs link to website customers (and fans) have seen this wonderful fleur de lis rug in my sunroom in most of my refurbished furniture photographs - it is in my "photo studio/sunroom"!
This rug has been in this room since it was built in 2004 and before that in the adjacent kitchen dining area!
I bought this lovely wool rug about 13 years ago at an estate sale (naturally) and have been looking for a replacement for about five years. The rug's backing disintegrated over time and I ended up having it replaced at some cost when I was not able to find anything new I liked half as well. Occasionally, I have had inquiries from potential customers such as "... I like your chairs but don't need any at this time, I would however like to buy your rug" or "Could you tell me where you purchased that fantastic rug!"  On the last type inquiry, I would respond with "Could YOU tell me where I might buy this rug - I need to replace it!!" So, anyway, it has been much loved!

It had accumulated quite a few spots that I could not remove and was again showing some wear along the bottom and edges. I again started listlessly looking for a replacement on-line and elsewhere but found NOTHING I could even imagine using instead.  Meanwhile, over the last week, we have been dog-sitting my daughter's elderly dog and one morning woke up to see she had soiled the carpet pretty badly the night before but we had not spotted it in the dark. I started using all the products and tricks to remove the stain but was not totally successful - I was not too happy about this! I realized I would really need to replace it now and figured that I would be in for a long search!

Recently, I had found a Frontgate Outlet Center not far away in Roswell, GA.  It had been there for some time but I just never noticed until it was mentioned to me by a friend for a totally different purchase - an indoor/outdoor type lantern that she had bought at the center - link to website - location.

I visited it right after the referral and took these photos - several weeks ago.

The store was just setting up holiday sales - loved the big green and silver ornaments.
Best prices were on the outdoor furniture - the sling-back chairs were $99 each - not too bad for Frontgate!
I liked the furniture but thought it was pretty pricey for an "outlet center" - as high as $1200.
Yesterday, my husband I and I stopped by the outlet center to check out Christmas decorating options for out front-porch area and were disappointed in the selection - both the type of product available and cost. The price was not much less than the catalog sales.  I wandered over to the rug area and spied a blue and white edge under a stack of outdoor carpets.  I pulled this one out and said I thought it would work in our room - the size is 8X10 (slightly smaller than other) and only $159 - not a bad deal!  We brought it home and VOILA - I like it!

It is an outdoor carpet but does not look like it.   It might, however, better survive other "accidents" - at least that is my hope!  I must admit, I do not yet like it as well as the other but I do like the brightnesss of it (and of course, it's clean!!).  I think this will work!


  1. Gerrie - I don't have super GREAt corpets, not yet - but we have "builders grade" carpeting in the bedrooms & in our family room. Recently I found & used a cleaner that I can personally vouch for. I, too, was dog sitting & the said dogs are not as well...clearing throat here...behaved as mine & "soiled" my carpet in the family room & one of my bedrooms. I bought a product called "BAC-OUT". In the organic section of Kroger. It's made from lime extract. (?) Anyway - the instructions said to spray, let sit & then blot dry. No scrubbing. There is no evidence of any stain. I am sold on this product. It works very well! And it does not take much.

    I am a huge fan of blue & white and I love your purchase. That rug is gorgeous & I think it will be as uch a favorite of yours as the old one. I am years (literally) YEARS away from having very light furnishings as both Prince Charming & I work in the LANDFILL business. You can't imagine the dirt he comes home with.


  2. Thank you so much - I shared your recommendation with my daughter (dog's owner) - she may want to try this as well.