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Friday, November 9, 2012

Introducing a New Line for Wydeven Designs - The Estate Collection

Home in St. Marlo Country Club - John's Creek Area of Atlanta
I live in a wonderful metropolitan area that has many great neighborhoods and wonderful old (and new) estates - larger homes often in wonderful settings!   I have talked about some of these in my blogs.   Some estate homes have been visited on house tours and others (many) are visited as estate sales are conducted on the premises.  I LOVE getting inside of these wonderful spaces and seeing "... how the other half lives"!

In attending just such an "estate sale" in an "estate property" last weekend, that I decided to take the plunge into buying well constructed upholstered furniture in very good to excellent condition that exemplifies this rarified setting and offering them through my Wydeven Designs outlets (web, eBay and Etsy - link to website).  Unlike my primary inventory, these are not pieces that are refurbished but rather are bought "as is" and sold "as is".  Needless to say, my costs for acquisition are quite a bit higher than they would be if the pieces were in dire need of attention.  Still, I am offering the pieces at either close to the amount asked for at the sale or even less - I just was able to acquire them for enough less to make it worth my while.  I am calling this my ESTATE COLLECTION!
Estate in Druids Hills area of Atlanta - Garden Tour (April)
Knollwood Estate in Buckhead Area of Atlanta - I attended a Showhouse Tour and Estate Sales here!
Another Buckhead Area Sale - I actually bought a piece of furniture for myself at this one!
Ansley Park Neighborhood Sale
So, even though my primary interest (passion, motivation, etc.) continues to be finding heirloom quality pieces and refurbishing them for one or more generations to come, I will be offering some of these great pieces from time to time - space and great pieces available!

Here are my newest acquisitions - offered for sale!

Italian Chairs (Pair) with Distressed Woodwork and Impeccable Silk Upholstery (Down Cushions) - available through Wydeven Designs!

French Style Chairs in Very Dark (almost black) Slightly Distressed Woodwork and Chenille/Velvet Combination Fabric - available through Wydeven Designs!

These are lovely pieces and came from a GORGEOUS home in the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta - love them!

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