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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shopping for a Console Table - City Antiques in Roswell

City Antiques and Consignment in Roswell, Georgia
I am shopping for a table commonly called a "console table" for my renovated lower level.  I looked up the word to see what it really meant and find it's often misused.

console table

  [kon-sohl]  Show IPA 
a table supported by consoles or brackets fixed to a wall.
a table, often with bracketlike legs, designed to fit against wall. source
The kind I am looking for is narrow and, yes, placed against a wall.  It will not be attached via brackets and I'm not necessarily looking for bracketlike legs.  Tables labeled as console tables on Craigslist and other web sources only seem to have the "against the wall" part of the definition in common - many have extensive cabinetry and other utilitarian details.

For my console table, I need it to function as a "buffet table" against a wall not far from seating area. I have purchased (on Craigslist) three round counter height (30") stools that I want to place under the table so they will be out of the way when not needed.  I need a table 60" wide and would prefer 14-16" deep so it doesn't extend too far into the space.  The mirror I just finished and wrote about here link to my blog entry will be centered over the table.

Today,  I visited a great antique and consignment market in Roswell (a suburb of Atlanta) called City Antiques (link to website).  I have been here before but today I had a purpose in mind.

This shop is well organized and managed and the displays are artfully done.

I found only two "console table" options that might work but they weren't what I was looking for.

This "barn table" was attractive and might have worked for the space.  It is a little more primitive than I want and also a little too wide.  I thought it was an interesting piece.
This set actually represents what I am looking for and includes the two counter height stools.  The table is also a little deeper than I need and not as wide.  
Sweet picture on way out!
I enjoyed my visit to City Antiques and I'm sure I will be back.  I did not, however, find that elusive console table and will have to continue my search!

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