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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Pinterest Board - Color Highlights

I have now been an avid pinterest follower and user for about six months and think it is a great way to store and share ideas.  One of the most prolific and useful boards is my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) board - link here.  Whenever I am checking out blogs and websites, I keep an eye out for either acknowledged ASCP projects or ones that could be and have accumulated quite a few images that are inspirational to me.

I have been using ASCP for almost a year now and have had at least 40 completed projects.  I am working on a round mirror for our newly renovated (but not quite complete) lower level/basement project.  I will show a preview on this page - I have not quite figured out how to complete it.

I have acquired and used the following ASCP (link to ASCP website) colors:

Old White
Old Ochre
Duck Egg Blue (my favorite)
Paris Grey
Napoleon Blue (sample size only)
Graphite Grey

In putting together this posting, I looked for examples of the use of these colors in the pinterest images.  Here are some of my favorites!

link to pinterest board - I love the versatility of this color and have used it a couple of time.  I have found, however, that is needs a good wax (I would even say dark) to enhance the colors - without the wax, the color was a little bland. 
link to pinterest board - This is my favorite color although I've only used it diluted a little with old white.  I like it with both clear and dark wax.
link to pinterest board - I am stilling learning how to use this color.  Like the CoCo, I have found it to be a little dull directly out of the can.  I have added an old white or old ochre highlight and have also used the dark wax to build up the color saturation.
These are my old projects.  I haven't found significant use of this color.  I must admit that when I first got it, I found that is was more green than grey.  I have only used on on these two pieces which turned out beautifully (with clear wax).  It helped that the fabric I selected - a lovely English linen - was the perfect color match for the paint. 
link to board- Graphite is a great color that I've used quite a bit and am actually going to have to replace soon.  I do find that it needs the dark wax (without a clear wax pre-application) to really bring out the dark highlights.
link to board - These are lovely pieces.  I have not yet used the blue myself since I do mostly chairs and other upholstered pieces.  I think this color lends itself best to large hardcase pieces like this.  
link to board - The Old Ochre is a great go-to paint neutral paint for multiple uses.  I have used it when I want a darker base than what Old White would give me.  The first piece is mine - the color matches well with the darker cream in the rug. 
link to board - Old White was my first purchase and my most frequently used color.  I am well into my second quart.
Preview of my current work-in-progress - a large round mirror with ornate woodwork.  I did the first coat entirely in Old Ochre and brushed it with graphite.  I am still thinking about whether to wax (dark or light) and whether to enhance any of the details with more color saturation.  This mirror will be the subject of a future posting.
That's it for today's Annie Sloan Chalk Paint musings - what do you think!

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  1. Love everything you have done - your use of colors is wonderful.