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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Great Estate Sale - St. Marlo's Country Club

Yesterday, I found an ad at EstateSales.net (great source) for an estate sale in Duluth - a nearby Gwinnett County suburb (of Atlanta).  One reason I like this site is that most companies running these sales post lots of photographs giving me a very good idea of what will be available.  The only thing that would help even more would be prices but that might bring out too many people when the prices are very reasonable - as they were for this sale.

 St. Marlo's is a very nice neighborhood around a public golf course - the homes are beautiful and grounds breathtaking.  Since it is a gated neighborhood, it was necessary to show a copy of the ad and a driver's license to gain access.

The sale was being conducted by a company I was not familiar with - Life Made Simple Again.  It was well staged and the prices were reasonable - it also had a lot of good, solid upholstered chairs with dated fabrics - my favorite types!

I found a number of items that were tempting but focused on the chairs and walked away with three sets - one set of "Heritage" clubs, one set of Traditional Ethan Allen Wingbacks (extra tall) and one set of rounded front wingback with great legs (but not labeled).
I am a sucker for water scenes although this was a little too subdued - although I have to keep reminding myself that I  have NO SPACE for more pictures!
Future "before and after" chairs for my collection - made by Heritage! 

LOVE blue and whites - I had planned to buy these when I returned for second pickup but they were gone!
Love these hard-to-fnd rounded front wingback chairs with wonderful legs - front and back - bought!
There were two of these being  purchased when I returned for second pickup - with a small chest of drawers - nicely made and well priced (Pennsylvania House) - tables were $150 each!
Favorite purchase of day - traditional Ethan Alan Chairs- extra tall and graceful!  I can't wait to see these with new fabrics!
It's been a while since I ran into such a great sale - so much fun!


  1. I enjoy your blog so much. I check almost every day to see what treasure you are going to remake. I like chairs too and have always recovered rather than discarded whenever I could. I live in south Georgia so I know I could actually buy from you and manage to get it home.

    1. Connie, I am glad to hear it and yes, you could stop by anytime.

  2. Can't wait to see how you transform those chairs, I know they will look fabulous!!