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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Decorating with Orange - Loving my Orange Chair

Lovely Dorothy Chairs (as pair)  - ONLY one still looking for a new home!
I have had this very lovely orange chair - called my Dorothy Chair - for sale for a while and it just begs to be bought and used to brighten up a decor!  It had a companion which was snapped up immediately by a buyer to use in her teenage daughter's new bedroom.  The chair's companion, however, has languished and I am trying to figure out why.   It also reminds me that it is SO HARD to figure out what decorating color and style trends people are actually following and which ones get a lot of press but little actual adherence.  Loving orange may be one of those - it has certainly made me think twice about adding more orange products to my line.  I remember how excited I was to hear that a shade of orange (tangerine tango) was THE HOT color of 2012 - I reported it here .... link to earlier blog.

Just today, I read a feature by one of my favorite designer bloggers, Tobi Fairley, about one of her bedroom designs which was featured in the latest issue of Traditional Home.  The use of various shades of orange and coral were a highlight of the space.

Hampton Show House Design by Tobi Fairley - link to website
I also googled "orange in decorating" and found tons of links with high praise for orange and ideas of how to use it in various color group settings.  The photos alone were awe-inspiring.
Love the orange and pink combo hear - see source below
Ditto - see source below 
 A nice shade of coral warms this corner - see source below
WOW - look at that sofa - warms the entire space - see source below
Very serene look - muted orange with my favorite blue - see source below 
Touches of orange add spice to this room - see source below 
Great vibrations with these chairs - see source below
Warm shade goes well with granite - see source below
Accessorizing!!!! - see source below
With minty green - see source below 
Outdoor living - see source below (Orange for the Rest of Us)

link to article - Orange for the Rest of Us
link to article - Decorating with Rich Tones
link to article - Decorating with Orange

Some advice that makes sense - source - excerpts highlighted!
Orange is a great color with which to enliven your home decor. When you introduce orange to your room's decor, you bring in the energy of potential and fulfilment.
Shades ranging from pastels like apricot, to earth-tones like burnt orange, give you plenty of options with out having to resort to Halloween colors. Orange looks lovely when paired with violet, like California golden poppies and lupins growing side by side. Burnt orange goes well with sage and khaki green too.
Burnt orange on a wall in a dark and oddly shaped room can make it feel less gloomy and cramped, and more womb-like and cozy.
In Feng Shui, orange and red represent the fire element, and belong in the fame and reputation zone of your home ... as accent pieces, or as frames for displayed diplomas, certificates, and awards, or as scarves and mats at the bases of trophies. In the kitchen, a stack of nine very pretty oranges is auspicious, and brings prosperity.
Orange makes a lovely drape in sheer organza or cotton, because it softens the tones of harsh glaring daylight. It is also perfect for a room with a gloomy blueish quality, transforming the ambient light to a warm glow, and helping to put you in a good mood.
In a room with sand toned decor, orange accent pieces make lovely focal points. An orange blown glass vase, orange translucent lamp shade, or an orange and brown throw pillow, can set off a room's sand toned decor.
Many Persian and Turkish carpet motifs have orange accents. These can be repeated in tapestries and pictures hung on the wall to complete the orange decor theme.
Well, I don't know if I've convinced anyone but I sure feel better about orange!

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