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Sunday, November 20, 2011

My First Attempt at Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - FINALLY!

Setting up my Supplies
I have had a series of blogs about Annie Sloan Chalk Paints http://www.anniesloan.com/.  First, I was convinced to use the  paints at a designer's garage sale over a month ago.  Then, I visited several shops in at attempt to buy the costly but evidently magical chalk paint (and waxes).  Finally, I ordered the chalk paint online from a shop called Cottage Attitudes in Alabama link to shop email address.  Vicki, the proprietor, has been a great contact.   The shipment arrived the next day!!

So, today I am using the paint for the first time.  It's a dreary Sunday morning here in Georgia but the temperature is mild so my garage is a perfect spot for the work.  My sweet husband helps set up the chair to make it easier (and less stressful on my back) to paint.  There are almost NO instructions on the can including drying time, minimum temperature to use in (suggest not letting the product freeze), or much about application techniques.  I choose a French style chair I had picked up several weeks ago that has a dirty wood finish with hints of black as my first project.

Chair to be Refinished
Detail of Wood Finish
Even though the instructions do say that cleaning the woodwork is not necessary, I cannot help but use my favorite wood-cleaning product (Goof-off) to take off  surface dirt and oils.  My rag comes away almost black so I am glad I took this step.  Next I opened the Old White Annie Sloan Paint can and stir.  It is as smooth as silk and has the consistency of heavy buttermilk!  So far so good!

I use a 1" nylon brush and it takes about 40 minutes to do the first coat.  The label does suggest that only one coat is needed for most applications.  I am studying the finish which is doing some interesting things and it does look like an old French style finish.  It is not quite as smooth as I would like and, with no prior experience, I am not certain whether the waxing step will take care of some of that.  I think I will apply another coat and see what happens.
After One Coat
One thing that is surprising although I had been told about this - the paint has no odor that I can detect.  One seller told me that you can use in in your kitchen and clean up at the sink!  Well, that's something to think about if the weather turns colder.  More later on this subject!

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  1. I love following your chalk paint adventures. Seeing the transformation is fascinating.