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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Adventures - Including Some Beefs

I know I've already posted today but couldn't resist sharing my more recent experiences with the famous Annie Sloan Chalk Paints.  I am almost finished with my first piece and ready to bring it to my upholsterer for a redo - I tentatively selected a really nice heavy plaid fabric (from famous local designer closing business sale) but am a little concerned that it doesn't look sufficiently "French".  It does, however, match well with the finished paint.
Finished Chair with Tentative Fabric Selection
My overall assessment:   It is definitely a more uneven, "chalkier" (really!) finish than latex or spray but does have an interesting look.   I still don't know about the wax.  I put on two layers - all the youtube videos and blogs I researched advise putting on thin layers - letting dry (up to 24 hours) and buffing.  The interesting thing is that the wax can itself tells you almost none of this - particularly waiting to buff.  If you were trying to follow only instructions provided by the company, I'm not sure you could do this.  And here is my beef - WHY would the company itself not provide better instructions for the VERY high cost of this product - maybe even a sheet of tips and techniques instructions in each can?  Evidently, there is a $25 book I can buy to get some of those.  The other thing I've concluded is that the reason this is called a "girl's paint" (patronizingly, I think) is not because it is so easy and messy-free to use but because most men I know would not spend hours (at least) checking out blogs and videos to get information about how to use this product.  And, we all know, men would not spend $25 on an instruction book and actually read it!!

Enough of my rantings.  I never give up on anything so I started project number two today - a country French style (American made) chair and somewhat mismatched ottoman.
Pieces I am about to Refinish with Annie Sloan Paints
Since I have concluded that the first coat is really mostly a "primer" type coat, the painting process did not take as long.  I had planned to take the cording off to get to all of the wood on the chair but it proved to be pretty tightly attached so my upholsterer will have to struggle with that - and hopefully not too much paint will come off or be missing.  Having finished the first coat,  I notice an interesting phenomenon that was slightly present on the first chair but is very pronounced on this piece - the paint dries in a crackle-like finish.  I'm not sure I dislike it, it just wasn't planned and I doubt if I could do it if I wanted to .... interesting!  I will have to investigate to see if this is unusual and why it may be happening.

See Crackle Finish on Painted Piece - After One Coat

Project Number Two - After One Coat

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