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Sunday, February 22, 2015

History of Buffalo Plaid Fabrics

Recently sold and delivered French style chair (one of a pair) in teal buffalo plaid!
I have loved buffalo plaids ever since I can remember. The oversized "check" makes any piece of furniture it is on look amazing.

I found this interesting bit of information about the origin of the design dated July, 2014:

It has been noted that Buffalo Plaid is making quite the comeback this season. What many people may not know is the history behind the Buffalo Plaid and how it received its interesting name.  
Originally a Scottish product, Buffalo Plaid traces back to the 8th century and is ranked the oldest Tartan. This particular Tartan became a symbol of the MacGregor clan, a family known for being furious warriors. Because of this, the MacGregors were banished from Scotland by King James VI in 1603 and thus moved to Canada. Buffalo Plaid first made it's appearance in American fabric history in the late 1800s when the Scottish Big Jock McCluskey (MacGregor) from Canada settled in Connecticut. McCluskey did many things during his time in America all while living off of buffalo hunting. After the Battle against the Indians in the Battle of the Little Big Horn, McCluskey bartered for buffalo pelts with the Sioux and Cheyenne and, in return, the natives received the heavy woven Scottish blankets from McCluskey's native home, made of a fabric now known as Buffalo Plaid. link to article
 I do buy this oversized scale fabric whenever I can and wish I could find more (at my price points, of course). Here are some of my favorite transformation using buffalo plaids.

I bought this fabric at Calico Corners Fine Fabrics several years ago. It was not selling well and I bought every piece I could find at about 70% off.  
This lovely dark cream and teal combo was purchased on eBay - I used it on at least four pieces and have enough left-over for another small set of clubs or a similar larger club and ottoman set as above.  
This bluer teal with paler cream combo was just completed and sold to a family in a suburb of Houston. My husband and I delivered it ourselves and saw the beautiful job they were doing renovating a gracious home in the suburbs.
So, I will continue to look for these nice patterns and hope to expand my supply and color choices!

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