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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sales on One Kings Lane - Happy New Year!

Settee sold on One King's Lane - heading to North Carolina!
I have been an admirer of One King's Lane (OKL) link to site and first listed on this online site about one year ago. It is an "invitation only" venue and my refurbished heirloom pieces are listed in the vintage category. OKL does take a hefty commission (about 35%) so my prices on the site are considerably higher than other sales venues. It is, however, a very respected source for buying lots of home decor items and their advertising is ubiquitous. They also offer some pretty good discounts to the buyers - today's adds include a 15% off sale.

The site does have somewhat rigorous photography requirements including the placing of items against a clean background. I have tried to "rig" such a system but with my storage capabilities/challenges and the fact that many of my items are actually photographed at my upholsterer's shop, the lack of background clutter and distractions is very hard to achieve. I was able to work with the OKL sales team to have their photography experts take care of most of the background clutter and am very impressed with the cleanness of the images they were able to produce.

So, how is it going? I have sold eight items since December 21 - a very respectable number given the slackness of the holiday season. I will continue to list there but when not on One King's Lane, will be listing on Etsy and eBay as well. My website has DIED and is about to either be totally eliminated or revised. My sweet husband (recently retired) has offered to try to build it back anew for me which would be wonderful.

SO, this turns out to be a report on selling on-line and the various methods usable - I am trying them all. Here are some more of my OKL images and a link to today's "new product on line" - link to settee on OKL

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