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Saturday, January 11, 2014

First Scott's Antique Markets Visit in 2014

This is Scott's Antique Markets weekend in Atlanta link to website and my usual market companion, Bette, and I visited the markets (south building - our favorite) on Friday. As I always do, I developed a plan for focusing and photographing in advance of the trip and decided to concentrate on the use of blues in decorating. Various decorating gurus are predicting that the color blue - particularly cobalt blue - will be a major trend for 2014. Since I LOVE blue in decorating and use it extensively myself, this choice was a natural for me.

I did start out looking for and photographing blues but very quickly got distracted by the various furniture offerings at the sale - including some that were within my admittedly cheapskate price range.

Of these pieces photographed, only the chaise was a true draw based on a reasonable ($125) price point. I loved the chunky wooden legs and overall shape. My hesitation was the back which looked like it needed a cushion to balance the rest of the piece and to make it comfortable. 
This vendor, near the front of the building near the concessions, always has interesting pieces for sale. I have bought from him in the past - usually when he gets a little more desperate to sell than he was today. 
These were some of the pieces that tempted me. The chairs on top left (had more for sale) were interesting and reasonable. The chairs on the top-right are done by a talented lady we've seen before and also quite reasonable. The great chair on bottom has a Century frame and nicely done upholstery. All tempting! 
Well at least I could get my purchases into my Highlander and not be forced to return with the bigger minivan. I look forward to using the great fabric on a set of wing back chairs and perhaps a settee - there is enough for at least this much upholstery work. 
It was a great day to be at the sale and much busier than our last visit in December. Several vendors told us they do not appear in December - evidently it is not a great month for sales. However, it is hard for us to stay away!


  1. I love fabric. Needing it has nothing to do with wanting to look and touch. Your purchase is beautiful. Can't wait to see you use it.

  2. Thanks Connie and Happy New Year! I am enthused about the fabric and am actively looking for a good use or two.