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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Tribute to Hickory Chair - In My Own Back Yard

Neely Farm Clubhouse featuring Hickory Chair Furniture
I just received the January, 2012, issue of Architectural Digest which included an article entitled:  Hickory Chair Turns 100. Since I had just acquired a Hickory Chair French-style chest for my own home (see most recent blog) over the weekend, I thought it might be nice to once again talk about how great Hickory Chair furniture is and that it is one of the labels I most want to buy in my refurbishing classic American heirloom upholstered furniture business see website.

The Hickory Chair website and blog link to site discusses the high-quality company's century-long history in Hickory, North Carolina, where most of their products are still crafted.  In checking out the company blog, I was led to an article about a designer's work at the historical Neely Farm Club House in Norcross, Georgia.   This just happens to be MY neighborhood and while I was aware that the clubhouse had been renovated, I didn't realize that the neighborhood had actually used such a prestigious designer and bought excellent products from Hickory Chair to do this very nice refurbishing project.  Clearly, I need to be more involved in the neighborhood.  I am proud, now that I know of it, to show some great clubhouse photos featuring this great manufacturer's pieces!

Photos of Historical Clubhouse in Neely Farm
Here is a portion of the blog discussion about the designer's work in Neely Farm:
Our friend and HCC University graduate, Janie Hirsch ASID, shared some truly inspirational images with us from a project in Georgia.  Janie owns J. Hirsch Interior Design.
Janie tells us, "These pictures are of the Neely Farm Clubhouse, a neighborhood clubhouse in Norcross, GA.  It is in the original country retreat home from the Frank Neely farm that used to be on this property years ago.  It was built in the 1930's and the bricks are from the original Fulton County court house that was torn down in 1884 and stored at Oakland Cemetery.  They were then carried by train to Norcross and hauled by wagon the remaining 6-7 miles to the Neely farm."
She goes on to tell us that "every piece of upholstery in these pictures are from Hickory Chair!"  We are proud to have the opportunity to hand make each piece in our workroom in Hickory and to share these inspirational images with you! 
I'd say that this is pretty impressive!  

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