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Friday, December 30, 2011

Go Green in 2012 - Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

This might be a little late for this gift-giving series but great food for thought never-the-less.  I found this article today and it reflected some of my current gift-wrapping practices as well as others I plan to incorporate.  The full article can be found at this link green your decor link.  The article provides five recommendations:

1.  Use boxes and bags from last year

I have been doing this for years.  As we do Christmas unwrapping, I place a laundry basket or similar "collection" device near the activities.  It conveniently captures boxes, bows and ribbons to be reused.  I have not been saving the wrapping paper itself as the author suggests but it is something worth considering.

2.  Use what you already have

Reused Paper with Fabric Ribbons
Embellished Plain Paper with Sponged Circles

There are other ways to reuse that brown paper, though. I used it to wrap another gift, then used a couple of craft sponges to paint circles on it in our chosen Christmas color scheme (turquoise, gold and lime green).

3.  Wrap a gift in a gift

The author has some wonderful examples of gifts in gifts.  I have done this myself although not to this extent.  

Layers of Gifts
Layers of Gifts
4.  Use paper just for the kids

I am guilty of using a lot of not-eco friendly papers and may follow this good bit of advice.

So if you’re going to use paper for wrapping, use it just for the kids — and make sure that paper is either made of recycled materials or at least recyclable. Even Walmart, Target and Dollar Tree offer recycled wrapping paper if you take the time to look. And please stay away from shiny foil, velvet flocked, or glitter-covered paper, because it is generally not recyclable. Simple printed paper is best.

5.  Print Your Own Gift Tags!

There appear to be many, many sources of free gift tags that can be easily printed and she provides some excellent examples.  I have often recycled gift tags myself by using last year's holiday cards.  We send and receive over a 100 cards annually and many can be shaped into great gift tags.   
Example of DIY Gift Tags

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