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Monday, October 10, 2011

Update on "You Choose Fabric" Adventures - Inspiration and Ideas!

Several weeks ago, I launched a strategy on eBay called "You Choose Fabric".  The idea came about because of the number of times someone asks me if I can redo an "after" piece (e.g., already refurbished) in another fabric or if I have more "before" pieces like this one to do in a fabric that would work better with their decor.  I just got two more inquiries overnight and thought I would highlight my efforts to date on this strategy.

I have ten items currently listed as "before" pieces - some of which I picked up over the weekend.  I also show fabrics that might work and encourage potential buyers to ask for more samples.  Although the buyer can provide their own fabric (and some have), the best overall value is one in which we use a fabric from my existing inventory.   By providing details about their interest and often photos taken in their space which may include rugs and other pieces of furniture, the potential buyer can help identify which fabrics might work and I can forward photos (and samples as well if necessary).

Example of Fabric Palate Presented to Potential Buyers
I am hoping that this campaign inspired my readers/lookers to see the potential in high-quality (but dated and often pretty dismal looking) pieces of furniture.  I have written other blogs about the things to check for (e.g., hand-tied 8-way coils in foundation, intact wood and finishes) and the costs of refurbishing.   These pieces can be fabulous and ALL my refurbished goods start out looking somewhat likes these - it takes a good eye and discerning investigation to buy the right pieces and end up with such wonderful furniture!

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