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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Upholstered Furniture Ideas - Banquettes

Neutral Armless Banquette

The word banquette means “little bench” and is sometimes referred to as a settee or upholstered bench.
  The compact pieces are popularly used to add interesting seating options to kitchens, game rooms and other settings.  They also work well in foyers or hallways because of their narrow proportions and depths. 
Armless Banquette in Silk (sold) 
Armless Banquette in Tapestry

Comfortable banquette seating at a table requires careful attention to the details of proportion. The height and depth of the seat, the slope of the back and the finished material will all impact comfort.  Some otherwise labeled loveseats and settees can often be used for table seating as long as the proportions are correct. The dimensions and proportion of a comfortable dining room chair can be used as a guideline for creating banquette seating. Often custom designed, they can be created to maximize the available space, which might be straight, L-shaped, curved, or a U-shaped design. The best design is one that offers access (or escape) from either end. This eliminates the ‘trapped’ feeling people often feel when they sit in a booth.
Banquette Seating Using Traditional Loveseat
Banquette Seating using Curved Wingback Loveseat

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