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Monday, September 12, 2011

Green Decorating - Some Inspirational Ideas

I was again looking for inspirational words to share about reusing and refurbishing furniture as part of a planned green decorating project.  I found this article and source and wanted to share the information and source (underlining added):

Combining new and antique with recycling and "don't-make-'em-like-this-anymore" style to create something fabulous and green, services like that found atMetroSofa rescue old and antique sofa and chair frames and gives them a new lease on life. After repairing the frame, they work with you (and do a few themselves) to pick out new textiles, cushions and finishes with green production and manufacturing in mind.
The finished pieces can be classics reborn, a delightful modern infusion on a classic style, or a little bit of both; if you can dream it, they can help you realize it with a totally unique, totally you sofa or occasional chair. 
Another article pointed out "top ten things you can do to go green in furniture" and listed the following prominently - I underlined some key ideas:
Vintage Refurbished French Style Chair

Refurbished Wingback

Refurbished Art Deco Chairs (60-70's)

Refurbished Club Chair (one of a pair)
With all the slick, mod, "eco" brands jumping into the market it can be hard to keep in mind that pre-owned goods can be the most green purchase of all. Vintage and second-hand and furniture requires no additional resources to manufacture, is often locally sources (cutting down on transportation), is pre-offgassed and eases the load on the landfill. Quality vintage furniture can also have excellent resale value (sometimes selling for the same price it was bought) which certainly can't be said for most new furniture, green or otherwise.

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