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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ottomans - A Versatile Choice for Seating, Etc.

I have several chairs with ottomans in my home - they really encourage comfort (read laziness) in any setting.   Often, I sell my chairs, particularly skirted club chairs, with an ottoman choice.  If I have enough fabric, I include the option to add one.  

Ottoman have at least three basic functions:
Tufted and Skirted Ottoman

  • Encourages people to put up their feet and take a rest / get more comfortable
  • Works as a table/serving area by perching a tray on top (I have a tray of magazines on one of my ottomans)
  • Operates as an extra chair 
Ottoman come in many shapes and sizes the most popular one is rectangular and reflects the shape of the chair it is sitting in front of.  To take a rectangular skirted ottoman and make it work with an existing skirted chair, it is important (TIP HERE) to measure the skirt length and try to get the skirt length the same as the associated chair - they will look like a set.  Similar heights (from floor to top of seat) are important but differences work as long as the ottoman is not higher than the chair.  
Rectangular Ottoman - Skirted
Other ottoman shapes include French (mimics the shape of a bergere or other French style.
French Ottoman
A popular ottoman style is round (generally range from "26 - 36").  These are particularly useful for coffee tables and the larger ones can seat several people.   The treatment of the top and sides provides many options - the more ornate (e.g., tufting), the more expensive.
Simple Pleated Round Ottoman

The variations among ottomans is great - the extra price I charge ranges from $200 (simple, non-skirted ottoman) to $400 (ornate round, skirted, tufted, etc.)  I do think they add a lot to the "custom" look of a room or space!

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