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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Before and After - High-end Loveseat

I recently had the great fortune of buying a RALPH LAUREN loveseat from a storage unit.  Prior to this occasion, I had avoided purchasing anything from a storage unit - having experienced some pretty sad situations.  The seller had photographed the piece sitting amongst the clutter of the unit (tip here - if you want to sell something, stage it as well as you can and try to avoid those tell-tale storage doors as background).  The piece was everything you would expect from great upholstered furniture (eight-way hand-tied coils in foundation, hardwoods, etc.) including lots of down-composition in cushions and even in the body of the piece.  It was VERY HEAVY (also usually a good sign) and the price was right!
Before - Ralph Lauren Loveseat with Initial Fabric Selection
I had selected a very "Ralph Lauren-ish" blue and cream twill stripe for the piece but before starting it, a client contacted me to put together pieces for her new vacation home.   

She selected not only the piece - clearly a "no-brainer" - but also selected a fabric that complemented other purchases.  The upholsterer did a wonderful job on the piece and it came out so well.   
After - Ralph Lauren Loveseat in Robert Allen Champagne 

I am not likely to find another piece like this anytime soon but the bar for the very best has certainly been raised!

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