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Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update - Fabrics and Other Purchases

WOW - what a great buying weekend.  In addition to some great pieces of furniture that will be featured in future "Before and After" blogs, this was the bonanza weekend for fabric purchases.

Here are the pieces of furniture:

  • From a Brookhaven estate sale - tight-seated curved settee
  • From a Gainesville (dragged poor husband on this LONG drive) Craig's Listing - two tall deep-wing (and hand-tied coils) chairs
Kay's fabrics

Kay's fabrics

Kay's fabrics
The fabric purchases were the most exciting.  Previously, I have mentioned that a local workshop (Kay's Kovers) who is also an old neighbor, has an annual $2.00 a yard fabric sale that is well attended by her faithful - I have been going for at least 15-18 years.  I bought over 100 yards of gorgeous fabrics - ranging in less than a yard to a 16 yard piece.   I have already selected a bonded cream silk with an embroidered starburst fabric for the above settee - can't wait to see the finished product.

Brookhaven estate sale fabrics
In addition to Kay's sale, the Brookhaven estate sale also had several bolts of blues and yellow fabrics from Calico Corners - I bought four of them ranging from 2.5 yards to over 16.   I may use one of the the two wingbacks.   

Finally, I found a 8-9 yard piece of vintage heavily embroidered crewel fabric at a Dunwoody estate sale for $40.  I subsequently looked up this type of fabric to determine value and found that pieces like this sell for $125-$200 A YARD - they are hand-made (often in India) featuring wool or other yarns on a flaxen / linen background.  I've had simple crewel fabrics before (machine made) but never anything like this.  I think I will use it on some Martha Washington or other simple chairs that can really highlight the pattern - too much would spoil the effect.

Hand-embroidered Crewel Fabric 

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