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Friday, May 27, 2011

Farewell to Mrs. Song - and a Plug for her Charity

Song's Upholstery - Norcross

My upholstery shop owner, Mrs. Song, is leaving.  She has decided after many years running the shop that she wants to devote time to a Korean Charity (more on that later) and retire.  I have been using Mrs. Song for my personal upholstery needs for over 20 years and for my Wydeven Design work for almost 8 - this represents well over a thousand pieces of furniture that she has done for me.  Her first language, despite decades in this country, continues to be Korean which has created some interesting dialogue and a few misunderstandings over the years.  Her work has always been impeccable and she oversees the work done in her shop very carefully.  I am sad to see her go and not just a little nervous about future work.  She has introduced me to her successors - a Korean couple - one of whom does speak English well (better, she acknowledges, than herself).  She keeps telling me ... everything will be same, same, same - just she won't be there.  I intend to stay with the shop and hope for the best.  It is not only convenient (about two miles from house), but she (and new "owners" - although I must admit to not being certain if that is the correct title) allow me to store my "before" pieces at the shop and some "after" pieces.  This storage helps enormously because my other pieces are stored in the lower level of my house and I have well over 100 pieces right now. My husband has said on more than one occasion that he wishes I had become interested in something much smaller, less bulky - collecting large pieces of furniture is definitely a challenge.

The charity that Mrs. Song will focus on is called YesDaddy link to website.  It is a church-based organization that works with children/orphans to help them in many ways - it seems predominantly in Korea.  Mrs. Song told me she will be spending as much as a year in Korea soon working with the children.  It looks like a wonderful organization and I told her I would share it on my blog.  

Mrs. Song's last full day in shop!

Good luck Mrs. Song and thank you for everything you've done for me.  I know we've supported each other during these difficult economic times and I know I have been her #1 CUSTOMER for years.  She promises to pop into the shop every now and then and I sure hope to keep up with her new work!

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