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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Picking the Perfect Fabric for Your Home

Since I LOVE fabrics and am in the business of marrying fine upholstered pieces with just the right fabric, I am always interested in good advice about how to select fabrics for the home. Fabrics are not inexpensive and a decision, once made, is difficult to reverse or modify.

Here are some bits of wisdom from renowned designers about selecting just that right fabric:
Here are their top tips:
1. Have a starting point. "When I'm fabric shopping, I start with what I call the 'main fabric,' that fabric is the linchpin from which I can pull all of the other colors," says Alexa Hampton."Sometimes the main fabric can just cover something small, like a pillow or a lamp shade, but it is the critical element that I need to inspire all of the other colors and patterns."
Good example of creating a color palette by using small amounts of fabrics on the accent pillows - you can just envision the rest of the room with these starting points  - source HGTV.
2. Incorporate a blend of textures. "When pulling fabrics for a project I like to incorporate a blend of textures like linens, velvets and grasscloth to create a warm balance and give a rich palette to a room," says Jenny Wolf.
3. Have fun! "It is always important to have a little fun when pulling fabrics, even if it is just for a small accent pillow to throw in the room,' says Wolf. "Chelsea Textiles has some of the most wonderful, whimsical embroidered fabrics."
I think of fun fabrics as ones with colors and pattern/movement - here are some examples I've used and/or will be using soon. The bright yellow pattern on top was used on a settee and matching chair and selected by my daughter as a house-warming gift when she moved into her new home during the summer. There, it brightens her entry foyer and welcomes her guests with its sunny disposition.
4. Think in layers. "Different fabrics and textiles are a great way to layer a room and give it warmth," says Eddie Lee. "Coordinating patterns or a monochromatic palate in different textures or solid blocks of color, multiple fabrics give a room depth."
Even in this monochromatic room, the various layers complement each other and make the overall look more interesting - source Traditional Home 
5. Be appropriate. "A fabric may be beautiful, but not be right for every room," explains Lee. "For example, a gorgeous embroidered silk could be great in a living room, but not so much in a Family Room. That being said, there are no set rules." link
I have a board on pinterest devoted to fabrics - link. Check out some more ideas here!

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