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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thinking of Mother's Day at Scott's Antique Markets

This is the second weekend in May and, therefore, Scott's Antique Markets weekend - link to site. This large market, held in two separate areas south of the city of Atlanta, is heralded as the world's largest flea market. I try to go each month usually accompanied by my friend, Bette. We have developed a visiting strategy that culminates with a double-scoop of ice cream at the end ... after all that walking and work!

When attending the markets, I am always on the look-out for those special refurbished (or refurbishable) upholstered pieces that would add to my collection. I have several vendors that I check with each month, most of whom are at the North building site.  I also try to plan my observations and attendant photo shoots around a theme for this blog. This also helps me look at the market offerings through a different prism. Yesterday, I chose to look for items that remind me of mothers and motherhood. It proved to be an interesting challenge. 

Here are some of the images:

Finding good mother's day reminders was a little more challenging than I thought it would. I loved the sweet baptismal  /christening dresses and the European style baby stroller. Those kids do grow up fast!
The silver service is the same pattern that Bette's grandmother had (and now in Bette's possession). The dishes were her mother's every-day dishes. Such memories!
My mother came of age during World War II in The Netherlands and had a lovely cream and gold pattern china that my daughter now proudly displays on special occasions. She also had the more commonly found blue willow pattern as a tea and coffee service.
I couldn't resist this one. I have for many years collected pigs and  have a sweet Lladro pig mother with babies. This reminded me of that special piece.
I was easily distracted at the market by the usual hunt for upholstered furniture and ended up finding a number of pieces to bring home. I always stop by to see Sharon P. and look at her fine refurbished pieces (always in distressed lacquer finish and usually with neutral linen fabrics). I sell her items as part of my "European Linen" collection. She does such fine work! I bought four Century French-style chairs and a settee. I also ran into a woman who runs estate sales in the are (The Turnage Company). Her sales are generally high-end (and a little too pricey for me). She also happens to be the aunt of my next door neighbor - small world. I bought a very nice three piece set of rusk chairs and ottoman that I plan to have reupholstered in a largish blue and cream/white print. 

It was a great and nostalgic day at the markets!

My purchases from yesterday - coming soon to my sales sites!

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