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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Newest Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Projects

It has been over two years since I started using the great Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) - link to company website. I have refinished dozens and dozens of pieces by now - some for my own use and most as part of my Wydeven Design refurbishing projects. Other than the Emperor's Silk that I purchased several months ago and used extensively immediately thereafter - see link, I have been using the colors I pretty well started with including:
 Old White (now on fourth can), 
Old Ochre
Chateau Grey
Paris Grey
Here are my most recent projects. I continue to be very satisfied with the ease of application and results. I do my work in our garage (poor husband does NOT appreciate cars being forced to stay outdoors during these spurts of activities). It has been cold and damp lately here in Atlanta and I have found that these are not ideal conditions for optimum results. Therefore, I have slowed down somewhat but hope to get back into full gear in the early spring (late January?).
This sweet chair is actually a pretty good size and very versatile piece with beautifully carved legs. The finish is a a simple ASCP Cream with a clear wax finish. It was chosen to complement the fabric which is a cream and off-white fern pattern - the cream highlights the darker of the colors.
This is my most recent project. The chair and ottoman were painted and distressed originally (Calico Corners) but the finish had not been well applied and was flaking off. I covered the darkish white with the ASCP cream which has a hint of pale yellow/vanilla. In lightly distressing the pieces using a medium sand-block, I uncovered some spots to the wood base but others only to the original white. The result was an interesting textured look mixing the white, cream and wood views.   
This elegant channel-back had woodwork that looked very tired but is clearly interesting in scale and design. After applying my go-to ASCP Old White, I had intended to do a clear wax followed by a dark wax to highlight the crevices. I changed my mind and decided to retain this more "clean" look and love how it turned out with this pale gold/taupe linen. 
This chair's original finish was a nice deep color but not in great overall shape so I decided to use it to experiment with gilding. ASCP does sell a gilding wax but I choose to stop by Hobby Lobby and get a cheapie (less than $6) product which worked very well. The ASCP finish is Graphite with a dark wax seal to make it as black as possible. I did find that it takes some practice to get the hang of using the gilding. Only a tiny amount is necessary and once applied, it is hard to reduce or move too much. I like the result and plan to use it again.  
I had a very hard time trying to decide which color to use on this chair and had initially selected another fabric. This is ASCP Paris Grey with clear and then dark wax. I also distressed the finish. I choose a neutral linen fabric and like the feel of this piece. 
These are my latest and I like how each turned out. I am working on a small set of Henredon chairs (mid-century) and have three more chairs in my van to check out. If the woodwork on any of these is not up to my standards, they will be amongst my next projects.

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