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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Color Trends - Are We Finally Ready for Tangerine?

Images of "tangerine" and orange design are easy to find - link to my pinterest board with orange images and sources.
Pantone link to site, the go-to color experts, declared Tangerine Tango the 2012 Color of the Year which I dutifully reported well over a year ago (their 2013 Color of the Year is Emerald - see my posting in December of 2012). I think we know if takes a while for colors to take off - more time than needed by those predicting the trend. I am starting to see a lot of Tangerine (Orange, Coral) in home decor and clothing. Ann Taylor just announced their "Orange Crush" collection for summer.
Ann Taylor

In home decorating magazines, blogs, websites and even JCPenney brochures, the color is ubiquitous. It goes well with so many other hot colors such as neutrals and taupes as well as more serene colors like mint and citron.

I had two polka-dot orange chairs (dubbed my Dorothy Chairs) several years ago and one sold immediately to a client who was using it to decorate her daughters room. The other one languished for over a year before I donated it to a local charitable auction (where I understand it sold immediately). Because of this experience, I have been cautious about fully embracing this color when refurbishing my fine furniture. While Pantone was saying "yes", my customers seemed to be seeing "no" or "maybe".

Well, I took the plunge again with a tangerine zebra stripe wingback chair that is part of my "Estate Collection" - these are the pieces that I find that are in perfect or near-perfect condition and do not need anything to improve their appearance. I sell these at a lower price than my refurbished pieces which makes them a good deal for buyers and allows me to make my usual modest profit.

Here are some wonderful tangerine images ending with my chair - let's see how it does in today's marketplace!

Love this "pop of color" look from House Beautiful - link to my pinterest board 
Just like something I would do - love the light woodwork with this vibrant chair -  see link above. 
This coral is a little more subdued but looks very crisp with all the whites - see link above.
Another great chair - see link above. 
Love this look! 
Nicely paired with citron green - see link above!
There's a lot of orange - not sure about the green - see link above.
Here's my chair - I'll see how well it does!
Well, it seems the predictors were a little off in their timing and it certainly looks like Tangerine Tango is taking center stage.  What do you think of this color?

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