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Monday, May 28, 2012

Normandy Campaign - In Honor of Memorial Day

Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial 
I have just returned from a great trip to Normandy and the Amsterdam area (a week each) and have a lot of blogging material to cover.  Today, in honor of Memorial Day, I would like to concentrate on the visit we made to the Normandy Campaign sites of World War II with our great guide - Lucy (I wish I knew her last name - she was very knowledgeable and I was told recommended by Rick Steves in his travel book on the area).

Lucy started by explaining the D-Day strategy which had been two years in the making.  The goal of the massive assault on the Normandy coast was to liberate France and provide a path into Nazi Germany.  Our tour concentrated on the US forces and their roles in the overall strategy.

Lucy -  Our Well Informed Guide 
Overall Strategy of  Normandy Campaign
Our first stop was in the town of Sainte-Mere-Eglise where members of the 101st US Airborne devision were parachuted in during the early morning of June 6, 1944.  They were to be dropped near a fire set by the French resistance and then move inland to secure critical roads linking the coastal towns with the harbor in Cherbourg and support the massive amphibious operation planned for later in the day.  A house fire in  town created a false beacon and caused many of the paratroopers to be dropped into the center of the square where they died before landing.  A statue of a paratrooper with parachute is situated on the church steeple as a reminder - we were told that this particular paratrooper faked death and actually lived a long life after the war.
Statue of Paratrooper on Church Steeple
Church in Sainte-Merer-Englise - Stained Glass Windows are Dedicated to Airborne Soldiers who Liberated Town
The Musee Airborne in Sainte-Mere-Englise is located on the site of the infamous house fire.

Depiction of WWII Airborne 

We visited Pointe du Hoc which is located between Utah and Omaha beaches.   It was the location of a large German artillery installation.  Members of the 2nd Ranger Division scaled the walls to take the position in order to protect the beach landings scheduled for later that day.
Our Traveling Companions - Sober Group Listening to Lucy at Pointe du Hoc

Looking Toward Utah Beach
Looking Toward Omaha Beach 

Omaha Beach and its monuments was also on our tour as well as the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.  Both sites can best be expressed with photos!

Monument on Omaha Beach 
Monument on Omaha Beach 
Lucy Describing the Battles
Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial - "The Spirit of American Youth Rising From the Waves" 

This was an emotional trip for our group and a great way to think about and honor the memories of men and women who fought and those who died in this critical victory for freedom and peace!  It would be nice if the lessons learned could be indelibly hard-wired into all peoples for generations to come!

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