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Monday, August 15, 2011

Decorating Colors - Tone on Tone

This is the fourth blog in this series inspired by the September, 2011, issue of House Beautiful - their annual color issue.  This article describes the decorating philosophy of designer Betsy Brown who likes to use tone-on-tone neutrals in her projects.  Layering and contrasts, she indicates, are key to using neutrals.  Some suggestions she includes:

  • Use extreme contrasts to highlight the neutrals (e.g., a roomful of beiges and cremes needs a dose of black - see yesterday's blog - black and white drama)
  • Use textural contrasts like rough and shiny in juxtaposition because light plays off of these so differently
  • Pair humble and elegant, smooth with coarse, ancient and modern, and diminutive and massive
The designer loves neutrals because they provide a non-competing stage for other items in the room and create a very comfortable setting.

Camelback Settee in Creme Linen

Set of Hickory Chair Armchairs in embroidered Creme on Creme Linen

High  Point Vintage Chair in Dark Creme Linen-Blend (textured)

Vicki's Wingback - same fabric as High Point

Oak Post Armchair
I have a fairly large section on my website devoted to "neutrals" and am always on the lookout for creamy linens and textured neutral fabrics.  They are very popular and amongst the quickest to sell.  People worry about using neutrals because of potential soiling but I have found that they hold up as well (and better than many) darker hues - I've had some for over 20 years despite children, grandchildren and pet-sitting!

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