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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Decorating Styles - What is my style - Quiz #1

I previously discussed decorating styles and suggested that there are three primary styles:  traditional, contemporary and eclectic.  A basic question is:  "What is my style?"  In order to answer this question for myself and to offer some ideas to others, I researched various "quizzes" on-line to see what they had to reveal.

This blog is about the quiz found on the Better Homes and Gardens website - a magazine that I subscribe to because it has very useful decorating ideas (and great recipes)!  I registered on-line to complete the quiz but it was fairly straight-forward.

The quiz asked me to make choices amongst items as diverse as favorite flowers (red tulips - of course - my Dutch heritage), favorite vacations (PARIS), favorite clothes/clothes icons, etc.   It was a quick quiz and provided immediate feedback:

RESULT:  Polished Casual 

You love to mix and match your favorites from several styles, so Polished Casual is the best way to describe your look. Crisp, fresh, and always comfortable, this approach anchors itself in neutral, subtle hues and furniture that isn't fussy but isn't slouchy either. Pair your clean-lined sofa with a dark leather wing chair or a weathered metal table—anything goes, but simplicity is key.

Well, another category but I think the description is pretty much on point - my living and dining rooms are perhaps overly traditional but the other rooms are very much in-between and more simplistic.  
Polished Casual? - My living room

Polished Casual - My sunroom

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