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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buying Furniture Online - Seat Cushion Composition

This is the second,  nonconsecutive installation of a series on buying furniture on-line.  This one deals with asking questions about and/or judging the comfort of seat cushions.  You want them to be of sufficient softness or hardness to be comfortable for you.  Not everyone has the same requirements.

Down Seat Cushion
The softest cushions are mostly or all down and feather (the usual mix is 10-20% down and balance feather).  The cushions are not firm and must be "fluffed" occasionally to hold their shape.  I have my upholsterer add a layer of dacron wrapping on all down cushions to add a little heft to them.

Down Back Cushion and Wrapped Spring Seat Cushion
The combination of an internal set of spring (much like a mattress spring) wrapped with either down or non-down is very comfortable and has more firmness than the all-down cushion.  It is probably the best possible combination and is the most expensive seat treatment.

Wrapped Foam Seat cushion

The most reasonable (and most common) seat cushion is a form of solid foam core.  It is moderately firm and always holds its shape - as long as the foam core is of high quality.  As with down, I have my upholsterer add a wrapping of dacron to make the edges a little softer and add comfort.  This is a fine cushion for most seating areas.  

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